The Current Assault On Physical & Mental Health

The Current Assault On Physical & Mental Health


Welcome to The Beautiful Minds Podcast, where host Jason Everett and guest Dr. Maggie Yu discuss the ways you might be sabotaging your own physical and mental health without realizing. Dr. Maggie gives some amazing insights on how to stay healthy in more ways than the typical “go to the gym”.

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Key Takeaways:

02:36 - The mental and physical issues we’ve experienced in this current pandemic 

04:00 - The various implications wearing masks has had the past year

07:00 - How crucial video interaction is instead of over the phone 

16:23 - Reasons why women are more likely to suffer from hormonal imbalance 

18:00 - Tips for women to take control of their physical and mental health


“If you have thoughts that are unchallenged, that's what creates suffering” (Maggie)(06:23)

“Pets. Pets. We really need to up our game on pets.” (Maggie)(07:51)

“Faces don’t have to be the faces of people, it can be the faces of your animals.” (Maggie)(08:36)

“If you're stuck in your home more than ever, there is a decreased in physical activity so we’re seeing a huge amount of emotional eating, weight gain, and alcohol consumption.” (Maggie)(15:55)

“Most doctors are given two tools; medicine and surgery.” (Jason)(21:00)

About MY MD Shop

Dr. Maggie Yu is a Functional/holistic physician, trained at UCLA and in practice for 23+ years. She went into early menopause at the age of 36, later to find out it was related to autoimmune issues. She has received years of additional holistic medicine training and has practiced as a holistic MD for the past 12 years.

MY MD Shop is an extension of Dr. Yu's education, research, and results - holistic supplements and solutions that help balance hormones and blood sugar levels, address food sensitivities and vitamin and mineral deficiencies, reduce chronic pain and hair loss, improve gut health, and improve overall health and wellness for those with autoimmune disorders.