About Dr. Maggie Yu

Dr. Yu is a Functional/holistic physician, trained at UCLA and in practice for 23+ years. 
She went into early menopause at the age of 36, later to find out it was related to autoimmune issues.  She has received years of additional holistic medicine training and has practiced as a holistic MD for the past 12 years.   
In this process, she was also able to reverse many of her own symptoms, balance her hormones, heal her gut, and end her chronic pain. She focused her practice and later her online programs on turning around hormone imbalances and autoimmune diseases.  Her autoimmune program focuses on issues relating to hormones, blood sugar, food sensitivities, gut healing, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.   
Dr. Yu is passionate about education.  Her motto is “be the pilot, not the passenger.”  In order to help others turn around their health, she has worked on educating her clients and the public on the role of botanical medicine on the turn around of chronic conditions.  She has taught and trained many on how to use scientific data to drive holistic health strategies.