I wanted to share how happy I am that since I started the program and started using the supplements and golden balance, I have been able to sleep all night long. I used to wake up several times a night and stayed up fro hours. Now I sleep, thank you so much Dr. Maggie!

I had psoriasis and arthritis. My long-term and sustainable solution is Dr. Maggie Yu and MELT. Best wishes in your healing journey.

It works! My husband got COVID and my daughter and I did not because we were doing the regimen. When I felt a little ill (probably stress) I took VIROSTRIKE. One or both did the job. I tested negative twice by the way.

Still drinking my water with COLLAGEN. I have definitely seen an improvement in my acid reflux.

I'm taking DEFENDHER and have more libido and am happier!

I purchased GOLDEN BALANCE and have been using it for about a week. Using it has helped me have less insomnia, sleep without waking up 20 times and less night sweats. I'm SO HAPPY about that! I never thought any of this could be related to blood sugar issues and neither did any of my doctors.

Here's my win for the day! I decided to try out the PRO-MCT-C8 several months ago. After about a week, I started introducing some of my food intolerances and low and behold, I could tolerate garlic, tomatoes, cinnamon, chocolate, etc. A shout out for Dr. Maggie's MCT oil - I can eat these foods again!